Tesco Bank Personal Loans

Due to uncertain economic conditions, most people are looking for excellent sources of finances to assist them in funding their expenses. Tesco Bank personal loans are among the best options, and the loan application process is quick and straightforward.

The institution offers financial services all over the UK, and it specializes in providing mortgages, insurance, credit cards, and a variety of loans.

Typically, Tesco Bank has an online platform where the clients can access the accounts or apply for loan over the smartphones or computers. Whether the applicant need funds to consolidate debts or to make major purchases such as a home or a car, personal loans will be helpful as it gives the borrowers the full freedom to spend the money in any way they wish.

Tesco Bank Personal Loans Application Requirements

It is easy to apply a loan in Tesco Bank. For the clients to be eligible to apply for a loan in Tesco Bank, they ought to be of above 18 years of age, and the offers are only available to the UK residents. Additionally, the applicants must be employed and with no probationary period or earning a regular income such as the pension. Moreover, the borrowers are required to have been living in the UK for at least three years and possessing a UK’s current account. However, the offer available to customers will vary depending on their credit score, loan amount, and other financial circumstances such as future interest rates.

Tesco Bank Personal Loans Interest Rates

The interest rates at Tesco Bank varies depending on various factors such as the repayment term, amount of credit, and the applicants’ circumstances. For instance, if the client requests a loan of between £7500-£25000, the Annual Percentage Rate(APR) will be 2.9% and with a repayment term of 1-3 years. Additionally, the credit has a fixed rate such that the borrower will be repaying an equal amount every month in the entire loan term. Typically, customers can use the bank’s loan calculator on Tesco Bank website to determine the amount payable on the Tesco bank personal loan they wish to apply.

The rate will be based on your loan requirements and your financial circumstances. The minimum rate of APR will be 2.9% whereas maximum rate is 25.5%.


Commonly, Tesco Bank personal loans are unsecured such that the applicants will not require providing security to the lender, whether in cash, shares or any other assets. Additionally, the bank offers a 2-months repayment break at the start of the loan. Therefore, if the application for the option is successful, the borrower will pay the first installment in the third month after the issues of the credit, and their loan term will extend with two months.